Amazon has a policy stating that if a product’s price falls within a week of your purchase, you’re entitled to a refund of the difference. However, claiming this refund is a real hassle, and many people end up missing out on the refunds they’re owed.


Kickback does all of the legwork for you, passively saving you a ton. When you purchase something on Amazon, the price is automatically tracked. Should it fall, it emails Amazon to collect the refund for you. When analyzing my teammate’s real data, we found he would’ve saved about $200 in the past year.


The beauty of Kickback is that it’s a fire-and-forget, one-time signup service. Once given access to your Gmail, it’ll run in the background and only notify you when it’s saved you money. To allow for a better understanding of our system and to view the status of your purchases, we also built an iOS client.